Mysterious ring eating away boy’s flesh

Ring FingerThe finger of a 19-year-old boy may have to be chopped off because a mysterious ring stuck on his index finger has been eating into his flesh.

Eric Buabeng found the ring by the roadside on his way home from church last November and picked it up. Upon reaching home, he wore the ring on his right index finger. Shortly after, he felt the ring tightening up on his finger.

Visits to the 37, Korle Bu Teaching Hospitals and numerous Churches to have what is believed to be a demonic ring removed, have failed.

Buabeng, who is reeling in pain, told Starr News’ Bernard Naasara Saibu he regrets taking the ring.

“I saw the ring on the floor on my way from church and I took it.

“I don’t know the type of ring but it was like a golden ring and it was shining on my hand. When I picked it up, my hand was shaking and when I tried to throw it away, I could not because my hand was shaking and something forced me not to throw it away and I could hear some voice asking me to go home,” he narrated.

He continued: “When I took it home, I sat on my bed and put it on my hand but when I tried to remove it, I could not and it’s on my right index finger and now I cannot sleep when I go to bed.

“Now I hear voices asking me to come out of my room at night. I have been hearing human voices in my ears but I cannot see them”.

Meanwhile, his father, who is devastated by the development, is pleading with kindhearted individuals to help him financially to carry out the operation to free his son from the evil ornament.