How to tie and wear ‘Iro and Buba’

Buba1This amazing outfit is not going to get out of ladies’ minds and wardrobe anytime soon. The ‘Iro and Buba’ outfit have been advanced to look more stylish than ever with different gorgeous silk and chiffon patterns being put to play, from round necks to cow neck designs.

‘Iro and Buba’ is becoming a more fashionable trend for our ladies lately; be it the front up or other styles.

Iro and Buba is one commonest trend in Nigeria which Ghanaians have adopted and looks so amazing when worn right. Since it is just a wrap, it looks good on all kinds of body shapes enhancing the beauty of women.

In the olden days, ‘Iro and Buba’ was commonly worn by our mothers in order to be free and move about easily, and recently, the ladies have swayed from their skirts and slits to ‘Iro and Buba’.

One fascinating aspect about this attire is the fact that any fabric can be used to make it, and the knotting style just adds an edge to the style.

Fabric such as satin, chiffon and velvet can be used to create this style of fashion.

For a wedding look, the ‘oleku’ twist can be rocked with chic accessories or regular heels. However, you can also dress down with simple flats (sandals or slippers).

It however depends on where it’s going to be worn to and how you want to pair it. The Buba can also be twisted either in front or at the side, depending on whichever style you prefer.

Check out the video below of how to wear the ‘Iro and Buba’: