I’m not a lady – Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa AttentionModel and Television Presenter Deborah Venessa Owusu has revealed that she has never referred to herself as a lady because she does not see herself as such.

“I have never defined myself as a lady and if you check all my profiles, I never say I’m a lady. I don’t label myself as such,” Sister Debbie, as she is known in Showbiz, stated on NEAT FM’s Entertainment Ghana.

The ‘Uncle Obama’ singer, who was recently in the news after her nude pictures went viral on social media, explained that those pictures were intended for a Boudoir photography project.

“Boudoir photography is arts and modelling as well. That is something I do and I am passionate about. In our society, majority of us are not used to such photographs, which is fine,” she said.

Boudoir photography is another form of photography that has to do with taking sexually suggestive images of nude women or women in lingerie at luxurious hotel suites.

According to Sister Debbie, the artistic nude picture was a barter between herself and her photographer who was working on a project.

“The artistic nude picture which was taken in June 2014 is a barter trade between me and my photographer and that is not the first nude picture that I have put out there. I have three sets. I said barter because when I need promo pictures which should cost me over Ghc2,000, the photographer will do it for me,” she added.

The ‘Borla’ singer, who received a lot of bashing from her Ghanaian fans after her nude pictures were released, disclosed that when she gets those negative remarks about her nude pictures she does not get angry.

She continued: “When people see the picture and they don’t like it, I don’t get mad. It is not a problem because if you don’t understand, it is normal that you would dislike it or something.

I feel as a human being, if you are passionate about something you should do it as long as it is legal and it won’t affect anyone or you won’t be attacking anyone.”

Sister Debbie however admitted that since she posted the picture on Instagram, views on her YouTube account had shot up.

“When I found out that the picture was already out there and people were tweeting, I also posted it myself so that people will not think it was a leaked picture. Around that period, the views for my ‘Borla’ video had gone down and, yes, after I posted the picture myself, my views shot up to about 5,000 views. So yes it did help and I would agree to the fact that I used it to push myself,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Miss Vannessa debunked earlier reports which seemed to suggest that she received $8,000 for her nude picture.

“I was misquoted in that story. I didn’t say that because my artistic nude picture was posted on Instagram. But YouTube and Instagram have nothing to do with each other.

They are two different entities –YouTube under Google and Instagram on its own. If you post a video on YouTube and you have monetised your account such that anytime someone clicks on your video depending on the views, you will make money.”

“What I said was that since I uploaded my ‘Uncle Obama’ video in 2012 along with other videos, I had over a million views and for that I made about $8,000 so far from my YouTube account.”