‘Even bad gov’ts contribute to nation building’ – Mahama

Mahama Germany2President John Mahama has observed that regardless of how bad a government is; it contributes to nation building.

In his view, every leader who has ever assumed the governance of the state has played a role in the development of the country.

“Even in the period of military governments, Acheampong and the rest; everybody contributed at least something to this country.

“Even for the military dictators – Acheampong- all the low-cost houses that were built; were built by General Acheampong.

“And so however bad a government is, it contributes to moving the nation forward and other people take over and continue,” the President told a gathering in Germany during his two-day state visit to the European nation.

He added: “We are doing the best to take the country to the next stage, somebody else will take over and continue to move it forward”.