Referee Lamptey ready for first AFCON assignment

Refree Joseph LampteyReferee Joseph O. Lamptey, one of Ghana’s referees at the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations will take up his first assignment at the competition on Tuesday, January 20.

Referee Lamptey will be the fourth referee in the Group D game between Mali and Cameroon at the Estadio De Malabo, Malabo.

The match will be handled by Janny SikaweI of Zambia, with assistance from Jerson Emiliano Dos Santos – Angola and Oamogetse Godisaman of Botswana.

Also on duty on the same day are; Mutasim Gaafar Sirelkhatim (Sudan) – Commissioner Sudan, Marcel Njipendi Kuotu (Cameroon) -Referee Assessor, Massa Diarra (Mauritania) – General Coordinator, Mohamed Abdalla Ahmed Magzoub (Sudan) – Technical Study Group, Ricardo Sarille (USA) – Marketing Officer USA, Ayishat Falode (Nigeria) Media Officer, Medjiba Rashid (Algeria) – Security Officer, Khaled Lemkecher (Tunisia)- Assistant General Coordinator Tunisia and Zakia Bartagi (Tunisia).