Cristiano Ronaldo left lover, Irina Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo and mother Dolores

Irina Shayk did not attend Ronaldo’s mother’s 60th birthday and she did not spend the New Year with him, leaving the 29 year-old Portugal captain to his son on December 31st

Last week reports on Wednesday disclosed that the relationship between the 2014 FIFA Ballon D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo and Russian model girlfriend Irina Shayk had gone under the waters for two main reasons

One, a disagreement she had with the 29 year-old’s mother, Dolores during the Christmas period and secondly for not attending the FIFA Ballon D’Or gala.

Further revelations and statement from sources confirm that the relationship indeed has broken up and with clearer explanations.

Ronaldo spent the New Year’s eve alone with son, mother and sisters Elma and Katia after the Christmas fallout.

His mother was also quoted by a source to be in disagreement being with the 29 year-old model because she does not suit her taste for him.

“Dolores (Ronaldo’s mother) wanted someone who would assume the role of mum for Cristiano Jr.

“That was not a priority for Irina,’’ A Source said

Irina was on holidays in the Maldives on the day of the Gala. The met in 2010 during a shoot for Italian designer, Giorgio Armani.