Dead man’s ghost causes uproar at Essikado

The ghost of a 29-year old man, Eugene Nana Asamoah was said to have possessed a 12-year girl only named as Jennifer at Essikado, creating uproar and accusation upon counter accusation in the community.

The deceased was said to have died a few months ago in a mysterious circumstances and afterwards the ghost of Asamoah possessed Jennifer and changed the accent of the girl to reflect his.

She mentioned four persons, who happened to be the relatives of the deceased, as being behind his death.
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After the ghost-possessed girl mentioned the names, the father of the deceased was said to have made a complaint at the chief’s palace for them to be summoned to be questioned.

At the chief’s palace at Essikado on Tuesday, January 13, the ghost-possessed girl accused the elders who were billed to adjudicate the matter of collecting bribe worth GH?200.00 from the accused persons, thus stoking more controversy and embarrassment for the elders.

The girl was whisked into a room at the palace and asked to keep quiet but she kept on revealing more secrets thereby causing a scene.

A resident of the town, Ama Ababio, said the ghost possessed the girl, was able to sign the signature of the deceased correctly on a cheque, which enabled the family to withdraw money from his bank account to pay off his debts.