‘Reckless’ sex can lead to death – Doctor warns

Sex reduces stress and can be gratifying but can also lead to your death if not properly controlled, according Dr. Gewu Appiah, the country director of IPAS Ghana and an advisor on reproductive health.

Dr. Appiah’s comment comes after the Police confirmed the death of a 28-year-old woman after several rounds of sex with a male companion in a hotel at Spintex road in Accra.

Reports have it that the pair are regular guests of the hotel where the incident happened few days ago.

Speaking on Starr Today on Starr 103.5FM, Monday, Dr. Appiah stated that several reasons can be ascribed to the young woman’s death but added that an autopsy will reveal the actual cause of her death.

“It can be an underlying condition that was not detected, it could be a heart condition that was not detected, it could be that she had to take some medication to be on this lengthy act, so there are a lot of factors that you can adduce to it but these are all speculations,” Dr. Appiah said.

He also admonished young girls and boys to avoid taking medications and other aphrodisiacs before engaging in sexual activities.

“People are taking medication to be able to go the extra length, I know boys are now doing that but I don’t know that of girls.

“Some also engage in use of alcohol, excessive use of alcohol because they think that they can prolong the act but that can lead to fatality if you have some underlying conditions that are not detected”.