Ghanaian prisoners are well-behaved – Stephen Wengam

Rev Stephen Yenusom WengamGhana’s Prisons have largely remained peaceful because the prisoners are well-behaved, the newly appointed Board Chairman of the Prisons Council, Reverend Stephen Yenusom Wengam has observed.

According to him, the harsh nature of living conditions in the Country’s prisons is enough to destabilise the peace of the country.

Speaking to Morning Starr host, Kafui Dey, on Monday, the Head Pastor of the Cedar Mountain Chapel said government and other stakeholders must do more to enhance conditions in the prisons.

“When we went to the kitchen and saw the kind of things they were eating, we couldn’t believe it, something watery and tasteless.

“So we appealed to government and government has increased their feeding fee to GHC 2.80 Pesewas but we want it increased to Ghc3.00,” he noted.

He added: “Seriously, if you compare us to other prisons in the West, then you will realise that ours is nothing to write home about and it’s because our prisoners are well- behaved; we could have experienced a lot of jailbreaks which could have created a lot of security challenges for this country”.

He identified congestion and lack of vehicles as the key challenges confronting prisons in the country which must be addressed immediately.