A look at Nicholas Omane Acheampong’s costume in music videos

https://whatawaaw.files.wordpress.com/2015/01/68095-621333274_139627.jpgGospel Musician Nicholas Omane Acheampong, popularly known as “Tabitha Kum singer” has his own style and unique way of dressing when shooting his music videos.

Nicholas Omane Acheampong, who is fond of using great biblical names for most of his song titles always catches the glimpse of his fans as they patronized the names and sing or dance alongside.

Apart from releasing ‘Tabitha Kum’ way back in 2008, he has not failed his fans by composing new songs with names from the Bible to give fans a highlight of the message.

Zaphenat Paneah, Yoo, Papa Didymus, Nymae Sunsum, Biribi Besi, and Mahashala Hashbaz are some of his great songs to thrill his fans.

In most of his music videos, Nicholas is noted for using costumes that reflect the unique old way of dressing in the Bible and as a way of portraying the concept of his message in the song.

He has a unique haircut with punky life affair which he has carried for a very long time in all his music videos and anybody can easily remember him.

Nicholas, in his music videos, is always seen walking with a rod that has been inscribed with keys words of his songs and often has men following him like “Jesus and his disciples” in the Bible.

Even though, his unique way of dressing which is patronized by his fans may seem odd to most people, it is his special way of bringing to bear the message he carries in his songs.