MOYs officials named in GFA players

Nyantakyi AyarigaThere are reports that four unnamed persons believed to be workers of the Ministry of Youth and Sports have been named as beneficiaries of the GFA’s coefficient money.

It will be recalled that Presidential Commissioner, Justice Senyo Dzamefe, tasked the Ghana Football Association President, Kwesi Nyantakyi, to produce the 20 names believed to be the beneficiaries of the famous Coefficient money shared after the 2014 World Cup.

According to sources, President Kwesi Nyantakyi did submit the full list of the beneficiaries which included four persons believed to be high-ranking members of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

This is apart from the usual Executive Committee members and some workers of the Ghana Football Association, adding up to sixteen (16).

Meanwhile, chairman of the CAN 2008 Local Organizing Committee, Dr. Kofi Amoah, is urging the Ghana FA to draft a comprehensive plan to rebrand the Premier League to revive the patronage of the domestic top flight.

Dr. Amoah’s comment follows GFA spokesperson, Ibrahim Sannie Darra’s call on Parliament to ban the live telecast of foreign league matches on local free-to-air television stations as a measure to increase the following for the local league.

Aside landing an improved sponsorship deal for the Premier League, the GFA has done little to promote and brand the domestic top flight, in an era where player exodus has shot up.

“Banning the telecast of foreign leagues so that people will be forced to watch our league won’t work. You can’t force a person to watch something that is not interesting to them. At this point, I think it is premature. We don’t have a plan. If we had a wholesome plan, that will be good. It has to be a comprehensive solution, thought out properly,” Dr. Kofi Amoah told Accra-based television station TV3 Network.

“So, we can watch our home games and also watch European games. Is our home league matches attractive enough for people to watch? If it is, then there is no issue to discuss,” he added.