10 Ghanaian Rap Artistes Who Will Remain “Underground” Even In 2015

Yaa Pono ProThe music terrain in Ghana is just too tough for some people who venture.

For various reasons, some acts just fail to sustain the shine or exposure they achieved with either a song, mixtape, album or a feature.

Whiles some are still trying to remain relevant, others have not been heard of for years.

Below are artistes who took Ghana music by storm for one reason or the other, but failed or have failed to remain relevant.

Maybe their luck run out, or they are just not good for the industry, don’t know. Just see them below.


Maybe the Brukina hit is all he’s got. He’s not released any new material and if he’s done it, it hasn’t received the kinda blowup his Brukina hit attained.

If after getting all the exposure on MTN Hitmaker, you’re still not shinning, what can we expect again.

After winning the maiden edition of GhOne’s The Next Big Thing”, he’s been quite active with releases but he’s not gotten an album out yet.

He keeps doing more freestyles and singles yet, not doing enough to attain mainstream status.

I don’t think it’s gonna be anything different this year.

Okomfo Kwadee
He’s been there, done that and all but he’s been missing in action.

He’s done well to drop his usual Kwadee kinda tunes but the reception hasn’t been good.

I know he’ll release a lot more materials this year but honestly I don’t think he can come back into mainstream the way he did in the past.

Yaa Pono
He’s the king of freestyles but is that what Yaa Pono is all about???? He started with Sarkodie in Tema and on Adom Fm, Sark is the number 1 rapper in Ghana now and Pono is the number 1 underground rapper right now…..(pun intended).

I don’t think he can do anything different this year that will allow him to rub shoulders with the Sarkodie’s, Edem’s, E.L’s etc.

Kofi Kinaata
He says he’s the king of fante rap but I guess that’s all he’s gonna be.

He isn’t doing enough to break loose from the underground status.

After Odo pa with Castro, we all thought this was the time for him, but alas, we got disappointed.

He sunk back into underground mode after Castro’s disappearance.

TuutulapatoHe’s young, talented but has the weakest management. There is still a tussle between his management and his family and that’s not going to help his career in any way.

This year is definitely not going to be the year we see our King of the kidz blow up.

Dadie OpankaHe enjoys being on facebook than making music to succeed. He’s all rhymes and no sense.

He’ll rather make a song to announce his 200,000 likes on facebook.

I don’t think we’re gonna hear anything different from him this year.

After that first album, he’s just gone. He’s tried to come back but luck don finish.

I so wish he can do something different but my instincts tell me his choir-like music is done.

From dancehall, reggae to Afropop, to francophone, Screw Face has just gone from being at the top to the very bottom and now just left to playing small gigs.   Things don’t look like it’s gonna be different for this man.
He ruled Ghana music, left and came back and that’s it.

His album last year had good tunes but he couldn’t capitalise to regain his status.

We hope for better this year but our hopes are at a minimal….like seriously!

Screw Face