Rule Book : 3 Proper Valentine’s Day Etiquette You Should Know

To some Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a greeting card holiday created to make lonely people feel even less special when they spend the day alone. For the more happy-go-lucky among us it can be a holiday to express what is to some, the most offensive four-letter word in the dictionary, love. Like anything, differing opinions make the rulebook harder to write on how to behave. Since the holiday has been for the most part forced onto the younger generation and the boyfriends of needy women, here are some key tips to help you with proper Valentine’s Day etiquette.

Include Everyone

Your significant other, your family, and even that weird kid who sits in the back of the class eating Plantain Chips, all have to be included in your Valentine’s Day wishes.  This of course takes away from the specialty of someone actually liking you, but this is a holiday about a baby in a diaper shooting arrows at people so you should set your expectations low anyway.

Avoid Misleading Others

Buy a pack of Valentine’s Day cards with any theme and you will see cards that include everything from a simple greeting to a deep romantic confession.  You certainly do not want to mislead someone.

Make an Effort

Some guys learn the hard way how important Valentine’s Day can be to women. As silly as it may be to buy a box of chocolates for a woman who constantly complains about her weight, you still should. Even though the roses are expensive, you’re living on a ridiculously tight budget. and they will be thrown out in a week, you have to make the effort to get your girl those flowers. Women have it easy on Valentine’s Day. They have to wear red and look cute. Men have to dramatically speed down the road to the nearest gas station hoping there are a few roses left the moment they remember the date.

Follow these three tips and you will be well on your way to having a stress free Valentine’s Day. You can of course also go the other route and be completely negative the entire day, reminding others how lonely and unattractive you are to everyone else just to make the world feel bad. Whichever you choose, have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Rule Book : 3 Proper Valentine