Arrest And Prosecute Afari-Gyan Now!

Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan Seems To Be In A Symbiotic Relationship With Truth, Honesty And Justice. Many Ghanaians have had occasions to label this enigmatic commissioner as being fatally corrupt, an allegation which has been swiftly refuted by his loyalists, most of whom are sympathetic to the dreamy course of the ruling NDC government.

These allegations were poignantly heightened when Dr Afari-Gyan took the witness’ box during the landmark election petition, as he and the ruling party seemed to be singing the same song. Life being what it is, absolutely nothing under the sun can be kept under wraps forever.

This impermanent aspect of human life and its activities have grandly exposed this EC chairman who has been unjustifiably and undeservingly been showered with praises upon praises. In order not to keep Ghanaians in so much suspense, let us adduce irrevocable facts to buttress our claims of Afari Gyan being an epitome of bribery and corruption.

The SFO of the UK, after a painstaking investigation, came out with very revealing outcomes. Chris Smith and Nicholas Smith had paid almost a million pounds sterling to the Electoral Commissions of Ghana, Kenya, Mauritania and Somaliland in order to be rewarded with contracts of printing ballot papers for elections in these aforementioned countries.

The Southwark Crown Court has since found Chris and Nick guilty and they are languishing in jail.

We find it quite perplexing that our EC chairman is majestically walking the streets of Accra when his corrupt deal has brought Ghana’s reputed international image down on its knees. This man, in any serious jurisdiction, should be in the gallows like Chris and Nick, but sadly enough, he is wandering our streets with his chest out. Dr. Afari-Gyan, in our considered opinion, should be guillotined for inviting this unprecedented level of shame upon Ghanaians.

We are, through this medium, calling on the BNI as well as the National Security, as a matter of urgency, to arrest Afari-Gyan for possible prosecution. Failure to do so will mark another negative milestone in our attempts to root out corruption from our body politics.

President Mahama should stop sermonizing to us with his usual mantra of fighting corruption and start actualizing it. Anything less than arresting Afari Gyan to face the full rigors of the law will be met with series of demonstrable demonstrations by Ghanaians living outside Ghana.