15 New Year Resolutions Everyone Must Undertake

15 New Year Resolutions Everyone Must Undertake - kuulpeeps.com

New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time of rebirth, the chance to start anew. We all come up with the regular resolutions for the upcoming year (losing weight, seeing family more often and/or falling in love), but often our ideas of what should change are too broad.. These are New Year’s resolutions every person should embrace.

  1. 1. Stop posting negative sh*t about celebrities on social media. Miley Cyrus does not care what you think about her haircut, Justin Bieber does not care what you think of his tattoos and Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t care less regarding what you think about her diet. Paedae doesn’t care about how wack you say his rap is ( or he does)   Focus more time on your life and enriching it with chalks up your success tabs.
  1. Stop beating yourself up for skipping the gym on days you truly didn’t have time. But also, stop skipping the gym on days you had plenty of time to go. This is not for just the guys chewing metal. The women too must trim those rotund bellies.
  1. Rid yourself of enemies. Apologize for what you did wrong and forgive those who have wronged you.
  1.  Rid yourself of “frenemies.” Don’t spend 2014 surrounded by people you secretly despise.
  1.  If you think somebody is cute, say “hi” and introduce yourself. Every relationship you have ever had started with a greeting.
  1. Leave your phone number for someone. Worst-case scenario: you won’t get a call and maybe you’ll feel a tiny bit embarrassed. Regardless of the outcome, you put yourself out there and probably made the other person’s day. Dm these mandem people DM them your digits.
  1.  Stop caring about how many people “like” your Instagram photos. If you like the photo enough to post it, what else matters? Social media anxiety is a waste of time. Post all you want. If they didn’t like it , it surely made them laugh and that’s a win win situation
  1. Strengthen relationships with family members. Blood is thicker than water.
  1.  Help strangers. “Pay it forward,” do good things for the world — and don’t post a Facebook status about it. It defeats the purpose. Share the love not news of the love.
  1. Don’t check your Twitter feed when you’re with friends. It’s a tad bit rude to go on a social network when you’ve got live present ones around.
  1. Try a fashion trend you never thought you could pull off. And, do it with confidence. Floppy hats, snap backs, Harem pants; you can do it! Just make sure the reason you wernt sure you could pull it off was confidence …or the lack of it and not your figure.
  1.  Double-text without fear. THOU SHALL NOT BE IGNORED! Unless of course it’s a light skinned babe involved well…those cannot be helped.
  1.  Cry. When you’re happy and when you’re sad; embrace your emotions as they come.
  1.  Stop being so shallow. Next time you find yourself judging someone based on his or her appearance, imagine the person standing in front of you saying, “I’m beautiful.” You’ll start to believe it…unless of course its outrageously far fetched then just be kind.
  1.  If you want someone to commit to you, vocalize it. Don’t settle for being someone’s “f*ck buddy” if that isn’t what you want. “Together” is the waiting period between “talking” and “dating”; purgatory shouldn’t last forever