Woman, 52, dies during sex with new boyfriend

60784827Victoria Olagah was an unemployed woman in Big Ada. On Friday October 31, she invited her new boyfriend, Julius (last name withheld at the request of the Police), for the first time to her house at 7.05 pm.

After the initial small talk, the couple felt comfortable in each other’s presence, and the lovers felt the need for intimacy. The kids in the compound house were asked to leave the grounds. The couple entered a playful Victoria’s bedroom at 9.05 pm and proceeded to make love.

By 9.15 pm, Victoria started convulsing, according to Julius.

At 9.30 pm, the Big Ada Police received a phone call reporting that “someone has come to our house to kill my aunt.”

Police rushed to the address where they found a fully-clothed Julius, amidst about 40 enquiring onlookers, frantically seeking help from wherever it would be found. The suspect rushed to meet the police and lead them into his lover’s room.

Victoria lay in her bed, gasping for breath, unconscious and unresponsive, blood trickling down her nostrils.

The prostrate woman was quickly conveyed in a private car to the Ada District Hospital where she was promptly pronounced dead on arrival.

A tearful and confused Julius, 54, was taken away by the police on a charge of suspected murder and remanded in nearby Akuse Police Station.

Big Ada Police Station Officer Inspector S. K. Manfe said he “was made aware that Julius had visited Victoria upon her invitation”. He however declined to speculate on the cause of the woman’s death.

“We are waiting for a detailed report from the pathologists,” the police boss explained.

A source close to Victoria’s family told Weekend Sun that neighbours view the entire affair as “very bizarre. Some said Julius sexed her until blood came from her nose, but the truth is that we hear some vein burst in her head, or something.”

The source continued that “everyone in the area knew about the way the lovers got together”. Some even thought it was romantic.

“Victoria’s son, Emma, is apprenticed to Julius, who is an oyster shell grinder. The week before the incident, he [Emma] told me that he was the one who matched his mother and his boss. Emma is the one who told his boss – Julius – that he should date the mother because she was lonely and unemployed.

“And so Julius would, from time to time, send small monies and stuff through his apprentice to Victoria. And she would send messages back through her son. This went on until the two finally started talking on the cell phone,” the family source explained.

Neighbours say Victoria changed in the two weeks leading to her death. “She used to be dull, always worried about everything,” described a Ga kenkey seller in the area who referred to herself simply as Madam Bernice. She said “I know Vicky. We went to school together. I know all her children. She started changing about a week before [the death] happened. I am a woman, and I know what I am saying: she glowed. She was obviously a woman in love.”

Station Officer Inspector Manfe believes that the couple’s relationship was less than two weeks old, based on information reaching his station. “I understand that the relationship started only recently,” he told Weekend Sun. “Whatever the case, we understand that the two were in a sort of relationship until the woman’s death.”

“That evening was the first time they did it,” the family source continued. “And look at what happened!”

Apparently, the couple jumped into bed when they entered Victoria’s room. She started convulsing soon after while the two were making mad passionate love, and it was only when her spasms got out of hand that Julius became concerned.

Soon, according to neighbours, Victoria was not responding to her lover’s poking, and the alarmed man rushed out into the compound screaming for help.

“At that point, Emma’s cousin, Frederick Tawiah Amarfio, called the Big Ada Police and reported that his aunt had been murdered,” said the family source, “but Julius was right here, begging anyone he could see for help. He was weeping like a baby. And Victoria was still alive.”

Madam Bernice said she was selling her kenkey by the roadside around 9.00 pm when some kids from Victoria’s house came toward her stall, running, and gossiping that Victoria and a man “sacked us from the house so that they can do it”. She said she asked them to leave her space and go back home.

Bernice said she was getting ready to close her shop about 20 minutes later when the kids came running back towards the house screaming that “he has killed her.”

She said she followed them to the house where she met “so many people watching the man [Julius] flaying about helplessly. He seemed like a person possessed by a sense of deep dread,” Bernice observed. “When I first heard about the two of them, I thought it was romantic. And then this! Did he kill Vicky? Your guess is as good as mine,” she concluded.

The family source explained however that he had heard that “the nurses at the Ada District Hospital suspected that a blood vessel within the brain burst, or something”. He said despite Amarfio’s allegation that his aunt had been killed by her new lover, it was just unimaginable that “the gentle, disciplined Julius would do anything to harm Victoria.

“They are both old enough, and I think they were in love. It is so bizarre that she happened to die the first day they decided to make love. Everyone around here is shocked.”

Big Ada Police do not suspect foul play, but Julius, originally from the Volta Region, is still remanded in Akuse as a murder suspect until December 23 when he will appear at the Ada District Magistrate Court.

“At that point, we shall know what to do,” says Inspector Manfe who is awaiting a pathology report from the autopsy or instructions from the Attorney General.