An AirAsia jet with 162 people on board crashed Sunday morning while flying from Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore on a scheduled two-hour flight. Here’s a look at the latest developments:



After searching for two days, searchers on Tuesday found bodies and debris floating in waters about 160 kilometers (100 miles) from land and 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Flight 8501’s last known coordinates.

Searchers discovered what appeared to be a life jacket and an emergency exit door. Part of the plane’s interior, including an oxygen tank, was brought to the nearest town, along with a suitcase that appeared to be in perfect condition.

Several corpses were spotted off Borneo island. Search and rescue teams were lowered on ropes from a hovering helicopter to retrieve the corpses, their efforts hindered by 2-meter-high (6-foot-high) waves and strong winds. They were recovered, swollen but intact, and taken to an Indonesian navy ship


Television coverage of the discovery sent a spasm of pain through the room at the Surabaya airport where relatives were waiting for news, especially as it showed a half-naked man floating in the water, a shirt partially covering his head.Many screamed and wailed uncontrollably, breaking down into tears while they squeezed each other. One middle-aged man collapsed and had to be carried out on a stretcher.



Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s chief and the face of the company, tweeted Tuesday: “My heart is filled with sadness for all the families involved in QZ 8501. On behalf of AirAsia my condolences to all. Words cannot express how sorry I am.” By evening, he had flown back to Surabaya to meet passengers’ families.

Fernandes is a vocal leader who enjoys interacting with the public at airports and on social media. AirAsia passengers often tweet him photos of their vacations, images Fernandes then shares with his followers.



Several countries are helping Indonesia retrieve the wreckage and the passengers.

The United States on Tuesday announced it was sending the USS Sampson destroyer, joining at least 30 ships, 15 aircraft and seven helicopters in the search for the jet, said Indonesia’s Search and Rescue Agency chief Henry Bambang Soelistyo.

A Chinese frigate was also on the way, while Singapore said it was sending two underwater beacon detectors to try to detect pings from the plane’s all-important cockpit voice and flight data recorders. Malaysia, Australia and Thailand also are involved in the search.



An AirAsia Zest plane carrying 159 people overshot the runway and got stuck in a muddy field Tuesday at an international airport in the central Philippine resort town of Kalibo in Aklan province after landing from Manila in windy weather, officials said. There were no reports of injuries.

The incident came two days after an AirAsia Zest plane developed a tire problem in the central Philippine city of Tagbilaran while its 184 passengers and crew were boarding, prompting the airline to cancel the flight to Manila. No reason was given for the problem.

AirAsia Zest is partly owned by AirAsia Philippines.


It’s ungodly for pastors to give lotto numbers – Opuni-Frimpong

Rev Opuni Frimpong ChristmasGeneral Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong has advised “pastors who give out lotto numbers” to desist from the act, describing it as ungodly.

According to him, it is unbiblical for a man of God to be giving out lotto numbers under the guise of prophesy.

“…Then now you have pastors who give out lotto numbers in the name of prophesy. If we are into betting, let’s say we are into betting, if we are into gambling, let’s say so,” he bemoaned in an interview on Morning Starr with Kafui Dey, Tuesday.

He continued: “And if you read the Bible, the Bible says freely you have received, freely you must give.

“So if I’m a pastor, I don’t expect that to happen in church. If anything must be given, it must be given freely”.

In his view, it is also wrong for pastors to ask members to line-up and make payments before they prophesy onto their lives.

Opuni-Frempong who is leading the ‘Ghana-We-Want’ campaign being waged by the Christian Council urged his colleague pastors to live a life beyond reproach.

Shatta Wale again! Curses media for 2015

ShattaHere we go again! It’s Shatta Wale giving us a piece of his last day quotes for the year 2014. It’s been a good year for the dancehall chap, winning artiste of the year and getting a lot of shine.

He came out to say that, he’s making money if the media discuss him and that people who give him the negative publicity don’t realise that, they are making him buy new cars, donating to Korle Bu and getting endorsement deals.

He has also acknowledged taking a swipe at Samini to make headway in showbiz thus enlarging the business portions of his estates.  However, two days to the end of this year, he has started to ask for curses on any media house that report falsehood about his career. Check out his full utterance below;

“Next year any media that spread any false story on my career will end up fatal accidents cuz its a magical year 2015..leave me alone i dont just need you and i wanna do me …Fakers!!!Dont joke with this..when i talk it happens..?#?MARKIT?” He earlier threatened to take Graphic Showbiz to court this year.

Looks like Shatta Wale will not be doing any court business but fatal accidents for negative news reporters.

All set for New Year Jam with Amakye Dede, others

Amakye Dede Abrante3The organisers of a musical bash dubbed “New Year Bash With Abrantie Amakye Dede”, slated for January 1, 2015 at the Abrantie Spot, have promised music fans that the much awaited event would be full of fun and excitement as there would be hot performances by the highlife legend Abrantie Amakye Dede, Kofi B and Lee Duodu.

According to the organisers, music lovers and fans of Abrantie, Kofi B and Lee should expect a fun-packed night at the event which kicks off at 8pm.

Amakye Dede, aka Abrantie, is an evergreen highlife musician whose excellence seems never to fade away. He will take the stage to do what he does best—and that is to entertain.

Music acts Kofi B and Lee Duodu will seek to unseat the Seeerious Amakye Dede in his territory on the night.

The ‘New Year Bash With Abrantie Amakye Dede’, according to the organisers, is going to be the biggest highlife musical concert which is expected to bring together families, individuals and lovers of highlife to celebrate genuine Ghanaian live band music on New Year day.

Abrantie is noted for his unparalleled and irresistible stage presence that gets his audience asking for more anytime he performs.

He says the new year musical bash will see him perform like never before, adding that he is ready to unleash an extraordinary performance on the night – one that Ghanaian music fans have never witnessed before.

A source close to Kofi B told Beatwaves that Kofi B is going to challenge one of his own idols, Amakye Dede, on stage to a level that will be very difficult for him to reach; and as for Lee Duodu, he will make sure that he’ll pant for breath on stage because he wants to be crowned the highlife king after the show.

“I really thank the organisers of this show for putting up this show in the first place and also inviting Kofi B to perform and also to show Ghanaians what he is made of,” the source added.

Some pastors “whip” members for going to hospitals – Opuni-Frimpong

Pastor End TimeSome pastors in the country “lash” their members for visiting hospitals when they are sick, the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana has revealed.

Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong who failed to mention the names of such churches said he has listened to a pregnant woman who claimed she was beaten up by her pastor merely for visiting a hospital.

“Now there are churches even in Accra that do not allow their members to go to hospitals. I have listened to a pregnant woman who said that her pastor whip her after she had visited a hospital,” he stated.

Speaking on Morning Starr with host Kafui Dey, Tuesday Opuni-Frimpong also expressed worry over churches, who he said, do not allow their members to go to school.

“…Not only that, now we have churches who will not even allow members to go to school”.


Kotoko Celebrating GoalGhana’s dormant top-flight league is expected to finally begin in mid-January as champions Asante Kotoko travel to face off with Aduana Stars while Hearts of Oak play host to returnees WAFA previously known as Fetteh Feyenoord in Accra.

A mouthwatering Brong Ahafo derby is due between B.A United and Bechem United as the host return to the top-flight league after 10 years in the wilderness. The two clubs have never met in the elite division of Ghana football, but share a rich history of rivalry in the second-tier league.

The ‘Amagaxoxo’ clash in the first round will see the Porcupine Warriors battling the Phobians in Week 6 on February 8 at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

The first round of matches is scheduled to end on April 29 after which the transfer window will open.

Full calendar below:


Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Edubiase

Dormaa: Aduana vs Asante Kotoko

Sekondi: Hasaacas vs Liberty

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs Bechem

Tema: Inter Allies vs Medeama

Wa: Wa AllStars vs Chelsea

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs WAFA

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubaise vs Aduana

Sogakope: WAFA vs AshantiGold

Berekum: Chelsea vs Hearts of Oak

Tarkwa: Medeama vs Wa AllStars

Bechem: Bechem vs Inter Allies

Dansoman: Liberty vs B. A. Utd

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Hasaacas

Accra: Olympics vs Heart of Lions


Dormaa: Aduana vs Heart of Lions

Sekondi: Hasaacas vs Edubiase

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs Kotoko

Tema: Inter Allies vs Liberty

Wa: Wa AllStars vs Bechem

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs Medeama

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Chelsea

Sogakope: WAFA vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubiase vs B. A. Utd

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Hasaacas

Berekum: Chelsea vs WAFA

Tarkwa: Medeama vs AshantiGold

Bechem: Bechem vs Hearts of Oak

Dansoman: Liberty vs Wa AllStars

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Inter Allies

Accra: Olympics vs Aduana


Sekondi: Hasaacas vs Aduana

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs Heart of Lions

Tema: Inter Allies vs Edubiase

Wa: Wa AllStars vs Kotoko

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs Liberty

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Bechem

Sogakope: WAFA vs Medeama

Berekum: Chelsea vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubaise vs Wa AllStars

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Inter Allies

Berekum: Aduana vs B. A. Utd

Tarkwa: Medeama vs Chelsea

Bechem: Bechem vs WAFA

Dansoman: Liberty vs AshantiGold

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Hearts of Oak

Accra: Olympics vs Hasaacas

MATCH 7 – TUES/WED, 10/11 FEBRUARY, 2015

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs Hasaacas

Tema: Inter Allies vs Aduana

Wa: Wa AllStars vs Heart of Lions

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs Edubaise

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Kotoko

Sogakope: WAFA vs Liberty

Berekum: Chelsea vs Bechem

Tarkwa: Medeama vs Olympics

MATCH 8 – 21/22 FEBRUARY, 2015

Obuasi: Edubiase vs AshantiGold

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Hearts of Oak

Berekum: Aduana vs Wa AllStars

Sekondi: Hassacas vs Inter Allies

Bechem: Bechem vs Medeama

Dansoman: Liberty vs Chelsea

Kumasi: Kotoko vs WAFA

Accra: Olympics vs B. A. Utd


Tema: Inter Allies vs B. A. Utd

Wa: Wa AllStars vs Hasaacas

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs Aduana

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Heart of Lions

Sogakope: WAFA vs Edubiase

Berekum: Chelsea vs Kotoko

Tarkwa: Medema vs Liberty

Bechem: Bechem vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubiase vs Chelsea

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs WAFA

Berekum: Aduana vs AshantiGold

Sekondi: Hasaacas vs Hearts of Oak

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs Wa AllStars

Dansoman: Liberty vs Bechem

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Medeama

Accra: Olympics vs Inter Allies


Wa: Wa AllStars vs Inter Allies

Accra: Hearts of Oak vs B.A. Utd

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Hasaavcas

Sogakope: WAFA vs Aduana

Berekum: Chelsea vs Heart of Lions

Tarkwa: Medeama vs Edubiase

Bechem: Bechem vs Kotoko

Dansoman: Liberty vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubiase vs Bechem

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Medeama

Berekum: Aduana vs Chelsea

Sekondi: Hasaacas vs WAFA

Sunyani: B. A. Utd vs AshantiGold

Tema: Inter Allies vs Hearts of Oak

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Liberty

Accra: Olympics vs Wa AllStars


Accra: Hearts of Oak vs Wa AllStars

Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Inter Allies

Sogakope: WAFA vs B. A. Utd

Berekum: Chelsea vs Hasaacas

Tarkwa: Medeama vs Aduana

Bechem: Bechem vs Heart of Lions

Dansoman: Liberty vs Edubiase

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Olympics


Obuasi: Edubiase vs Kotoko

Kpando: Heart of Lions vs Liberty

Berekum: Aduana vs Bechem

Sekondi: Hasaacas vs Medeama

Sunyani: B.A. Utd vs Chelsea

Tema: Inter Allies vs WAFA

Wa: Wa AllStars vs AshantiGold

Accra: Olympics vs Hearts of Oak


Obuasi: AshantiGold vs Hearts of Oak

Sogakope: WAFA vs Wa AllStars

Berekum: Chelsea vs Inter Allies

Tarkwa: Medeama vs B. A. Utd

Bechem: Bechem vs Hasaacas

Dansoman: Liberty vs Aduana

Kumasi: Kotoko vs Heart of Lions

Accra: Olympics vs Edubiase

Avram Grant May Need Greater Protection than Previous Helmsmen

imagesRecently, Ghanaians were informed by the Ghana Football Association that Avram Grant (name at birth: Avraham Granat), the largely successful soccer coach who spent the last few years managing notable English clubs, has been appointed manager of Ghana’s Black Stars. My article is not about Avram Grant’s suitability or otherwise for the high-pressure job; instead, this piece is about the government’s responsibility for Avram Grant’s safety, especially when the team travels to predominantly Muslim nation-states in Africa and elsewhere for both official and unofficial soccer matches.

In today’s politically turbulent world, the Israeli’s safety should be a paramount concern for the Government of Ghana, Ghana’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Ghana Football Association. With the proliferation of narcissistic and chthonic terror groups like Boko Haram, ISIS, and al-Qaeda, no one can be certain when Avram Grant could become the target of a looney acolyte of a looney lunkhead – or even a terrorist group – who might want to advance the dastardly tenets of Jihadism and, in return, receive conjugal benefits from 72 virgins in eternal bliss, or paradise.

While Avram Grant is not an Israeli politician, and therefore does not help formulate Israel’s domestic or foreign policy initiatives, some uneducated, unhinged, reprobate jihadists may be unaware of this fact, and hence see Avram Grant as a target of their disdain, simply because the new Black Stars’ manager is an Israeli.

Avram Grant deserves maximum protection from our security forces, especially when the team is on assignment overseas, and I pray that our politicians will make sure that adequate security measures are put in place at all times for the Black Stars’ manager’s safety. This task is quite herculean, which is why it deserves maximum attention from officials in the John Mahama-superintended administration. Many contemporary jihadists only observe the law of the jungle; in other words, they are not subject to the rule of law or probative facts that underpin guilt or innocence. As such, leaving Avram Grant’s safety to pure providence would be tantamount to smoking a cigarette next to a leaky tank of gasoline.

Avram Grant deserves the job, if, indeed, the Ghana Football Association believes that it made an impartial selection of the former from the list of managers who applied for the job. But with Grant’s selection comes the need for additional security because of the man’s consanguineous ties to the State of Israel. The Government of Ghana should take this responsibility very seriously because Grant’s appointment could improve diplomatic relations between Ghana and Israel (even though Grant’s appointment is not a political one). Additionally, Grant’s appointment should help the African nation assess its capacity to provide security for a man who, simply by virtue of where he was born, could become a target of anti-Semites both inside and outside of the former British colony.

Officials in the John Mahama-led administration have been advised accordingly …

Daniel K. Pryce, Ph.D., is a criminologist by profession. He may be followed on Twitter: @DanielKPryce. He invites the reader to join the pressure group “Good Governance in Ghana” on “Good Governance in Ghana” is a group that emphasizes the preservation of democracy, justice, equity, and law and order in Ghana; its 365-plus members are all permitted to start discussions that promote the national interest.

New voter register not panacea to over-voting – Mornah

Bernard Mornah SmileNo matter how many new voter registration exercises the Electoral Commission undertakes, the problems of a bloated register and over-voting in elections will not be solved, General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah has said.

“We did a new register after the 2008 general elections, leading to the 2012 general elections. If today we are still complaining about bloated voters register, then what it means is that it’s not a new register that solves the problem of over-voting.

“It means there is something that we as active participants in the processes leading to registration ought to take into account,” Mr Mornah told Paa Kwesi Asare on Starr Today. His comments follow calls by the 2016 Flag-bearer of the main opposition New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo Addo for a new voter register ahead of the 2016 general elections, since, according to him the current register is bloated.

Addressing party supporters in the UK, Akufo-Addo said: “The present voters register that we have in Ghana is bloated and anomalous and there is an urgent need to make sure we get a new voters register before the next election.”

Speaking on the same issue, Mr Mornah said: “In the past when we have had these speculations of bloated register, we have not done anything on our part, to overcome the over-bloating, so why is it that today we think that the solution to the over-bloating is to embark on an entirely new register when new registers have not solved the problems of bloated register?”

“It has never solved it. Because even after every other new registration that we have done, there is still complaints of bloated register so that certainly cannot be the problem,” he stressed.

Bolga-Bawku road to be fixed soon – Mahama

Mahama11 At BawkuPresident John Dramani Mahama has promised to fix the road linking Bolga and Bawku to improve the road network in the area.

“I want to promise you that the next time I come to Bawku the road between Bolga and Bawku will not be the main issue,” he said while assuring that “we are going to make major progress on that road,”.

“As soon as I go back to Accra, I am going to speak to the road minister and you will see for yourselves the difference that will take place,” he added The President made the assurance while speaking at the 27th annual SAMANPIID festival celebrated by the people of the KUSUAG people in the Bawku Munipality.

The festival is a period for expression of appreciation to God and the ancestors for providing abundant rain for farming, good harvest, peace and good health.

President Mahama who also inspected the road network in Bolgatanga acknowledged the huge deficit of road infrastructure in the country but said government is increasing kilometers of tarred roads across the country.

He cited the Bolga-Tumu road as an example adding that government is committed to complete that road by 2016. President Mahama further indicated that, government has extended electricity to many communities in the country.

He said plans are far advanced for the construction of the Pwalugu multipurpose dam to help provide electricity, arable lands for agricultural activities and also control floodwaters.

Mr. Mahama also assured that work will soon commence on aspects of the Tamne river bridge at Zimbasi to open up essential developments for the Bawku, Binduri and Garu-Tempane districts.

Police took KKD to wrong court – Samson Anyenini

Lawyer Samson Ayenini LardyPolice prosecutors may have just taken showbiz personality Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) to a court without proper jurisdiction to hear the rape charge brought against him.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah was Tuesday brought before a Kaneshie District Magistrates’ Court which remanded into police custody for allegedly raping a 19-year-old lady.

But private legal practitioner, Samson Lardy Anyenini says, “Rape attracts between 5 to 25 years (prison sentence on conviction). A District Court has jurisdiction in criminal matters only to the extent that the punishment for the offence does not exceed 2 years.”

It is, therefore, his contention that the Kaneshie District Magistrates’ Court was the wrong forum for the police to have sent the entertainment icon.

Mr. Anyenini believes lawyers of KKD ought to have gotten the case thrown out, even if temporarily, on account of that blunder by the police.

One of the lawyers, Nana Asante Bediatuo, however, believes the forum was not wrong.

The renowned radio personality and entertainment icon was remanded in police custody over a charge of rape brought against him by the police.

KKD, as he is popularly called, is alleged to have raped a 19-year-old lady in the washroom of a hotel in Accra.

The Ghanaian celebrity was arrested by the police on Saturday, December 27, for the allege crime.

He was detained by the airport police over the allegation but his lawyer, Nana Asante Bediatuo who visited him, expressed confidence he would be granted bail.

The showbiz personality later admitted he had sex with the lady but denied it was without her consent.

KDD said he actually had a drink with the lady after the act but was picked up shortly after two gentlemen, whom he suspects have a relationship with the lady, lodged a complaint against him alleging he raped the lady.

Sunday, the police made things murkier by publicly announcing that KKD was being investigated for sexual assault, an unknown offence in Ghana’s criminal justice system.

KKD was expected to be taken to court on Monday, but the police failed to do so.

The entertainment icon appeared in court Tuesday with his lawyers hopeful that he would be granted bail.

The Magistrates’ Court had other ideas; it remanded the iconic entertainer, compounding his magnificent fall in a matter of days.

But Mr. Anyenini is arguing that the court that remanded KKD had no jurisdiction to hear the matter.

According to him, the patently flawed process can be quashed at the high court.